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  1. My number 1 rule for good customer service:Always reply to a client’s email the minute you receive it, even if it is just to say you will look into it and get back to them the next day. It is just common courtesy to acknowledge someone but many people forget this

  2. I honestly don't think paranormal will ever die. Literally. I've been a paranormal fan since I was a YA myself, devouring everything paranormal that was worth reading. I'm still on the lookout for another great paranormal series to sink my teeth into. Paranormal is what I love, paranormal is what I write. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there…

  3. Bare fant du døren i kjelleren, Moa hihi..:) Nydelig dør med sommerfugl bilde!NÃ¥ er fotball cupene begynt her i Bergenms, sÃ¥ vi skal sÃ¥ ute Ã¥ "fryse" i 2 timer i ettermiddag….hÃ¥per jentelaget til min datter vinner selvføgelig:)NÃ¥ stÃ¥r det boller klar og kakao nÃ¥r vi kommer hjemme igjen!Ha en fin søndag!Klem Linda

  4. thanks mendy! haha, you know i only took a picture while it was clean! every morning i get up and surface clean and pick up while i drink my coffee, make beds, put dishes away, etc… it is the deep cleaning that takes a little more effort! don’t look too close! haha

  5. ok thank you, thats a shame I really enjoy the comfort of a book in my hands, maybe I might have to make an exception or wait until it comes out in paperback (hopefully) :):)