March 2004

America By Fiat

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Chalk it up to the power of the press.
Two months ago, I mentioned that I was looking for a Ferrari GTC/4. In response to that, SCMer Howard Jacobs, of suburban Cleveland, wrote us advising that rather than a C/4, we should consider a 456 GTA, similar to the one he used as a daily driver. ("You Write," March 2004, page 14.)
A few days later, as part of a continued e-mail exchange, he dropped this fatally baited hook into my inbox: "An 'orphan' I currently have is a 1960 Fiat 2100, a large (for Fiat) six-seater Berlina, with a straight-six-cylinder engine. Even my friend Ray Boniface, Sr., from whom you bought your Lancia Flaminia Zagato some time ago, didn't know what it was when he first saw it. I'm looking for a good home for it, but until I find someone willing to adopt it, I'll just have to take care of it."