December 2003

"I Don't Care What You Say, You'll Never Have As Many Cars As Harold E. LeMay"

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Harold LeMay was a car guy, just like you and me in a lot of ways. He figured out how to use his day job, owning waste-hauling franchises, to help him build his car collection. Myth has it he paid a spiff to garbage collectors who told him about interesting cars they came across on their route.
But where LeMay differed from you and me, and indeed from every other collector on the planet, was the amount of four-wheeled booty he squirreled away over the years. He didn't stop at one or two cars. Or ten or twenty, or one hundred or two hundred. Or even one thousand or two thousand.
When he died in November 2000, he had more than 3,000 cars in his collection (and 30,000 pieces of automobilia), which, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, made it the largest private antique car collection in the world.