September 2003

"Better Than New"

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In the midst of the thunderstorm, a bolt of lightening struck the century-old, 200 foot tall fir tree next to our home, and then jumped to our roof. The force of nature is powerful; The electricity that surged through the house blew me back five feet from my computer keyboard. Our network router melted, the wires to the alarm system were toasted, the circuit boards inside the DVD player and the AV receiver were destroyed and two TVs were taken out. The smell of ozone hung in the air, and my arms tingled for the rest of the day.
A twenty-foot limb was ripped off the tree, and thrown fifty feet through the air. Another limb came crashing across our upper deck, tearing off the rain gutter.
But we were lucky. No one was injured, that is, except the tree. Split down the center, an arborist declared that it had to come down. After the resultant acrobatics (due to its proximity to the house, the tree had to be cut in sections and lowered, one piece at a time), we ended up having a good supply of the most expensive firewood in the world.