September 1998

The V12 in the Driveway

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Now that the annual Monterey convention of dealers and stealers, gearheads and tire-kickers, lookie-lous and wallet-flashers is over, it's time to reflect. For several years, the weekend's events have overlapped, but this year the congestion was ludicrous. The traffic jam to the track on Saturday rivaled the Bronx expressway on a Friday afternoon before the Labor Day weekend.
Let's suggest something sacrilegious. How about moving the important races to the preceding weekend, making the focus of that time the cars in motion, and of the following weekend the concours and the auctions?
The Monterey weekend is poised to become the week-long Monterey Festival, and it is just a matter of time before some daring organization makes the leap to the now relatively quiet Monday through Thursday preceding Concorso Italiano.