October 2006

A Six Pack of Sense and Sensibility

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We at SCM have long maintained that a well-filled garage is like a well-stocked wine cellar. Just as different times of day, different events, and different meals call for different pourings, so, too, do different motoring adventures require different motoring choices.

And just as each wine has its own trademark taste, bouquet, and color, each car that captivates a collector's interest has its own unique approach to motoring. A car worth collecting has an essence to it: it is a reflection of the time in which it was built, of the skills of the drivetrain engineers and the desire of the stylists to make their statement on the automotive world as they knew it.

Looking at the current market, and at the types of activities in which we at SCM like to engage, here are the top six cars I think are both good buys and also have an essence that can make what is otherwise just a trip to the mall into a sensuous automotive adventure.