May 2007

Jurassic Swamp Meet

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Fifty years from now the Petersen Museum may feature a diorama dedicated to the social gathering once known as an "automotive swap meet." Young children will tug on their daddy's shirtsleeves and ask, "Thousands of people just showed up and walked around for hours, hoping they might find something?" And Daddy will answer, "Yes, and they called it fun."

If the display is accurate, few of the vendor and shopper manikins will be wearing Armani suits; variations of denim will be the rule. There will be no Weight Watchers or exercise equipment booths visible, although it would appear both offer services that could be of use to the participants. The majority of the vendor spaces will be equipped with propane-fueled barbecue grills, and the aroma of greasy hamburgers and well-done Polish sausages will fill the air.