September 2010

Buy the Car, Start the Journey

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There are two new members of the SCM menagerie, aka collection, representing opposite ends of the car world. The first is a 2006 Lotus Elise, the best new vintage car you can buy. The second is a 1958 Mercedes 220S, the beginning of the fabled S-class model that continues today.

Each of these cars has taught us something unexpected, and each has changed our perspective of collecting.

The Lotus is the newest car we own; we have been looking for one since we had a chance to drive Legal Files author John Draneas’ 2005 model a couple of years ago. Good friend Todd Fitz Gerald of Portland-based Moto Corsa became our Lotus guru—he insisted we look for a 2006 model, with its improved seating and drive-by-wire throttle system.

For the past year, we have watched Craigslist and eBay, waiting for the right car in the right color. About a month ago, a likely suspect appeared on a Craigslist posting from the Greenville, Michigan area. Yellow, touring package, star shield, both tops, 11,000 documented miles, as new. Asking $30,000.