March 2011

Collector Agonistes

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Saved searches and RSS feeds are now the Pandora’s Box of my collecting life. Years ago, I would get giddy and feel the onset of the red mist once a month when Hemmings arrived (by first-class mail, of course). And when I went to an auction or swap meet, I would be temporarily overcome by my need to buy something, anything, that day.

But there were days—and sometimes weeks—when I wasn’t thinking about buying another car. That’s changed. Not only does the Internet provide a constant stream of fresh classifieds, as a collecting gourmand you can select exactly what your weakness is at any given moment and have information about related cars for sale delivered right to your desk or smartphone.

It doesn’t help to have friends who treat you like a car junkie—and they’re your personal pusher. A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in my office, and an email from Roger Williams, producer of our TV show, “What’s My Car Worth,” popped up.

Williams sent me a link to a red 1993 Moto Guzzi  Daytona 1000 that was for sale in Grants Pass, OR, which is about 250 miles south of Portland. The bike was immaculate and priced at $4,800, which Williams said was a good deal.