May 2011

The Allure of the Automobile

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Portland, Oregon is a quaint town. Bicyclists swarm in their own lanes, groups of runners go clomping by like gazelles or hippos—depending on their body mass—and there always seem to be a few happy people in line at the medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

Given its tree-hugging reputation, it comes as a surprise to some that the car culture, and especially the old-car culture, runs strong and deep through this city, the world headquarters of SCM, on the Willamette River.

And this summer, the Portland Art Museum is hosting a world-class exhibition of world-class automobiles, The Allure of the Automobile. It will run from June 11 through September 11. SCM is playing a significant part in helping this exhibition come to fruition, and we’d like to ask you, our readers, to join us.