February 2010

Can California's Amnesty Help You With Your Replica?

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Maybe, if you have a valid out-of-state title for a modern kit car and can get an SB 100 "free pass"-but don't try it with a "Born-Again" post-1967 Mini

Legal Files" was recently contacted by an SCM subscriber who thought the current economic climate made this the right time to buy a replica 1965 Ford GT40 and had found a nice one at an acceptable price. The car was originally titled in California but had since left the state.

When our subscriber asked California's DMV about bringing the car back, he was told he would have to reapply to register it and it might have to meet emissions requirements for its actual year of manufacture. A second subscriber was having difficulty titling his newly acquired Noble, since the 2007-built car was unable to meet the 2007 emissions rules. And a third asked about his 1990s Mini, which is titled as a 1965. What kind of trouble could he get into?