April 2013

1955 Hudson Italia

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Hudson designer Frank Spring (who left Murphy Coachbuilders in the 1930s to join Hudson) contracted with Carrozzeria Touring of Milan to build 25 production models of his dream sports car.

Touring created a Superleggera coupe with an aluminum unibody built over a steel tub frame. Unique to the Italia were aircraft-style doors, custom bucket seats, Borrani knockoff wheels, air ducts in the body for brake cooling, and triple exhaust pipes that served as stop, brake and backup lights. Each car cost Hudson an amazing $28,000 to build, and they sold for $4,800. This car, body number 21, has had four owners. For the past 30 years it has remained in a private collection. The Pebble Beach-quality restoration was completed in 2012.

SCM Analysis

Vehicle:1955 Hudson Italia
Years Produced:1954–55
Number Produced:26
Original List Price:$4,800
SCM Valuation:$275,000–$375,000
Tune Up Cost:$150
Distributor Caps:
Chassis Number Location:Firewall plate and stamping under passenger’s carpet
Engine Number Location:Upper right front side of block
Club Info:Hudson Car Club
Alternatives:1956–58 Dual-Ghia, 1955–58 Facel Vega, 1952–53 Nash-Healey Roadster
Investment Grade:
This car, Lot 5035, sold for $396,000, including buyer’s premium, at Barrett-Jackson’s sale at Scottsdale, AZ, on January 19, 2013.