August 2008

1961 Morgan Plus 4

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If the buyer plans sedate ice-cream runs with grandkids in the back, four seats might have an advantage

In 1936, the Morgan 4/4 debuted as the company's first four-wheeled car. The designation 4/4 stood for four cylinders and four wheels. The vehicles that Morgan had produced prior to the 4/4 were three-wheelers with V-twin engines, hence the need to differentiate. Production of the 4/4 continued for over 70 years, except for a short halt during World War II and another in the early 1950s.

After WWII, the Morgan company was faced with a problem, which it surmounted in a sporting manner. In 1947, the Standard Motor Company informed Morgan that after 1949, the little 1,267-cc engine would not be available, due to their new "one-engine policy."