February 2011

1964 Aston Martin DB5 “James Bond”

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We don’t need to introduce the Aston Martin DB5, the epitome of British style and performance in the 1960s, and the catalog description ran to a couple thousand words, so here is the quick version:

“The Most Famous Car in The World” as arch-Bond fan Dave Worrall’s book of the same name termed it, is the most authentic example of the DB5s used in the filming and promotion of the 1960s James Bond movies “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball.” During the filming of “Goldfinger,” there were two DB5s: the “effects car” and the “road car.” Our example is the road car, and it was used for most of the driving scenes, as it was lighter and more nimble than the effects car—and had its rear mufflers removed for a throatier exhaust note.

For “Thunderball,” this road car was fitted up with the now-famous film props as well, including dummy machine guns, the rear bullet deflector, a removable roof section and revolving license plates.