May 2004

1974 Maserati Bora

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Unlike many of the first mid-engine cars that were compromised with small interiors, tiny trunks, and delicate construction, the Bora is a refined car that offers comfort with no sacrifice in performance.

Maserati introduced the Bora in 1971, the successor to the front-engined Ghibli. A mid-engined car in the fashion of Ferrari's Boxer, the Bora used Maserati's familiar, reliable and powerful 4.7-liter, four-cam V8, mated to a ZF gearbox.

Ital Design's Giulio Alfieri, who had earlier designed the immortal 250F Maserati F1 car, designed the Bora. It had acceleration and handling of a high order and a slippery shape, resulting in a top speed of over 155 mph.