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Mike Sheehan has been SCM’s featured columnist for almost all things Ferrari since 1998. He’s written hundreds of articles, not only for Sports Car Market, but also for Cavallino, the Ferrari Market Letter and numerous other Ferrari publications.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Mike bought his first car at the age of 14, a 1949 Austin A40 sedan, paid for with money earned as a paperboy. There was a lot of gearhead activity in Mike’s neighborhood; one neighbor was the B and D dragster record holder for British Columbia, another built custom hot-rods. Mike grew up hanging out in their shops, watching them build and rebuild cars.

Mike hitchhiked to California in 1969, by then a longhaired Hippie. When he got there, he bought Volkswagen buses from the German Post Office and sold them to other longhaired Hippies.

Mike bought his first Ferrari, a 250 PF coupe s/n 1447 GT, for $2,000 in 1972. His next was a Vignale 212 Cabriolet s/n 0125 EL bought for $850 and then an alloy bodied Competizione Daytona prototype s/n 12547 for the staggering sum of $14,000. He actually used this ex-Le Mans, ex-Daytona and ex-Sebring racer as his daily driver. Mike also raced in the Mazda Pro Series, the Barber Saab Series, the Trans-Am Series, SCCA's GT-1 as well as IMSA GTO and IMSA Camel-Lite. He now races a Ferrari 308 s/n 20537 in SCCA GT-2 and a Competizione Daytona s/n 12681 in the Ferrari-Maserati vintage series in the US.

Mike’s Ferrari business has evolved and grown immensely since 1974. It survived the first gas crisis of the 1970s (when you couldn't give a Ferrari away), the Ferrari boom of the late 1970s, and the bust of the early 1980s (when the prime rate was at 21%). He rode the boom of the late 1980s and the following bust in the early 1990s, and now flourishes in today's unique market situation. In the mid-1980s, Mike was the first in the Ferrari business to travel to Japan and actively seek out Japanese collectors and to write for and advertise in the many Japanese car magazines, just as SCM's own Cindy Meitle was the first person to represent the Japanese magazines in America.

Mike is often called upon to be a concours judge or an expert witness both in courtroom and insurance matters. His years of driving Ferraris both on and off the track allow him to know first hand how a particular model Ferrari should perform and which models are appropriate and eligible for racing, concours, or other needs. His research and years in the field have led to the compilation of a massive database of collectable Ferraris, their histories and their current owners, bringing thirty-one years of extremely diverse hands-on Ferrari experience to his writing.

Mike is the father of 12-year-old twins, Mick and Colleen, who took their 1930 BMW Cabriolet to a third place at Pebble Beach in 2003.

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