Alfa Romeo Spider

1958-1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

1958-1961 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider
Alfa-Romeo's 2000 series in the late 1950s was essentially a reworked 1900, sharing the same chassis and engine design, but with new bodywork. The convertible version of the 2000 range had bodywork made by Touring of Milan and was very elegant. You even got two small seats in the rear.

The twin-cam engine was upgraded to give an extra 10 horsepower over the 2000 sedan, but brakes remained large aluminum/steel-lined drums all around. The car offered a five-speed gearbox with a floor shift as standard equipment, and a detachable hardtop was available as an option.

Rust is an issue with Alfa Romeos, and every car should be carefully inspected for rot throughout the body.

All models in this era are considered collectible, and Alfa-Romeo has a great following in North America.
Number Produced3443
Max Power115 hp to 125 hp
Max Speed112 mph

1962-1965 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider

1962-1965 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider
The Alfa-Romeo 2600 Spider had almost identical bodywork to the 2000, but was distinguishable by its revised front end, full-width front bumper and lack of air ducts behind the front wheelarches.

The big news was under the hood where a new iron-block twin cam six-cylinder engine was installed. 145 horsepower gave a high top speed, but the car was too heavy on skinny tires to be much of a serious handler.

Buyers got standard front disc brakes and, from 1964, rear discs too. All 2600-series Alfas (including Berlina sedans and Sprint coupes) received a 5-speed transmission.

Long neglected, these cars in good condition are quite collectible, but very rare.
Number Produced2255
Max Power145 hp
Max Speed125 mph

1971-1993 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

1971-1993 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider
The Spider 1750 engine was replaced by the 1,962cc 2000 unit in 1971, larger brakes being fitted at the same time. Healthiest power outputs (133 horsepower) were in the early '70s. US imports cars have raised ride height and Federal bumpers after '74 and Spica fuel injection from 1971-1981 (Bosch after '82). Most Spiders in this era had a 5-speed transmission, but some later models came with an automatic. All Spiders carried 4-wheel disc brakes and a limited slip rear axle.

There were several special editions in the 1980s, including the 1983-1986 'Aerodinamica' with plastic bumpers and spoilers, the Quadrifoglio Verde edition of 1986-1988, and the final 1989-1993 S4 had a major Pininfarina facelift. There was also a stripped-down "Graduate" version of the Spider in this era.

These Spiders are all generally desirable if they are in good condition, and they have held their values well, but are easily affordable. Rust is an issue with all Alfa Romeos, and every car should be carefully inspected for rot in the rocker panels and the windshield area. Look for the oldest, best-kept example you can find.
Number Produced88,000
Max Power103 hp to 133 hp
Max Speed104-120 mph

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