Desert Concorso Applications Invited


Desert Concorso is a coming to Palm Desert, California.  The event expands on Concorso Italiano‘s Monterey format, featuring Italian Cars — but not only Italian cars.

The Desert Concorso is a “wash it, wax it and show it” car show. In addition to inviting all the great Italian marques, Desert Concorso also invites historically important GT, racing and sporting cars from, but not limited to, Germany France, the U.K. and U.S.

Invited categories include the following:

  • All Italian cars, including Italian-designed cars
  • Original purpose-built racing cars
  • ‘32 Ford roadsters — limited to 8
  • Old-school rat rods — limited to 8
  • 1953 – 54 Corvette — limited to 8
  • 1955 – 59 Corvette — limited to 8
  • 1961 – 62 Corvette — limited to 8
  • 1963 – 67 Corvette — limited to 8
  • Aston Martin, all years
  • McLaren, all years
  • Jaguar, XKE and earlier
  • Bentley, all years
  • Rolls-Royce upon acceptance
  • Porsche, pre-1967 911 and all 356 — limited to 8 models each
  • Porsche purpose-built racing cars, all
  • BMW racing, 2002 and earlier, plus Z8 — limited to 8 each, two-doors only
  • Mercedes-Benz, pre-1966 and racing — limited to 8, two-doors only
  • Renault 5 Turbo
  • Delorean
  • Bugatti racing and GT cars


Other interesting cars will be considered. Email for for clarification.


Tony Piff

SCM Auctions Editor and Photographer

Tony has long trumpeted the virtues of collecting Japanese cars. His daily driver is a 1970 Toyota Hilux — the one with the turn signals on top of the fenders. His popular “Rising Sun” column keeps a pulse on the J-tin market.

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