Author: Ben Abrams

Ben Abrams is co-founder of eGarage, a video creator specializing in branded automotive storytelling. As a collector himself, he leans toward anything low production and fun to drive, from an Ariel Atom II to a Ford GT and an Emory Porsche 356A. Since purchasing his LM002 in 2004, he has put over 10k miles on it, including several trips up and down the West Coast.

1988 Lamborghini LM002

Few could have anticipated the imposing sight of a six-foot-tall, nearly three-ton, V12-powered, four-wheel-drive behemoth at the 1986 European Motor Show Brussels — much less one appearing on the Lamborghini stand. But then, Lamborghini was never one to follow convention, and rarely has this free-thinking approach been embodied more completely […]