It was a sunny, 65-degree spring weekend.

Nature spared Portland, Oregon from the tornados that ripped through parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana over Easter weekend. We didn’t get buried in Maine’s spring snowstorm that left people without power for days. We also didn’t wake up to severe storms like my friends in the Carolinas did on Monday.

Add on top of that more than 16 million jobs lost over the last several weeks in the United States.

To say that things appear grim, both nationally and around the world, undersells the situation.

Thankfully, I’m smart enough (even if barely) to realize just because it is all well and good immediately around me (knock on wood) doesn’t mean that it isn’t hell somewhere else — or a lot of other places right now.

If you’re in a position that remains relatively unaffected by the pandemic — you and your family are safe and healthy, even if a little irritated with each other — please consider contributing to a local charity in your area. Food banks are overwhelmed in many parts of the United States.

Maybe you’re already doing what you can locally and wish to give —and experience — something on a grander scale. Porsche enthusiasts, or anyone with deep pockets and wants to experience something once-in-a-lifetime, can now help out United Way Worldwide’s COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund. Starting tomorrow, April 15, you can bid on the last production 991-generation 911, accompanied by a host of other goodies from Porsche.

Per RM Sotheby’s press release: “Finished in GT Silver Metallic paint, the 911 Speedster remains unregistered, having covered just 20 delivery miles. It’s powered by a 4.0-liter, naturally aspirated flat-6 engine developing 502 hp, connected to a 6-speed manual gearbox.”

Those of us that are doing well right now need to do what we can (including following the local and national health experts’ directions) for those suffering during the pandemic. We have to help each other get back to that paradise known as “normal.”