Here’s hoping you had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.

We have just a quick note for the auction calendar for you this week. RM Sotheby’s Online Only: Driving into Summer is the biggest game going on right now for online auctions. The sale started last Thursday, May 21, and the first lot hammers down this Thursday, May 28.

One of two lots from this sale that have enthralled me is a 1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino upgraded to Safari spec. Off-roading can be a real hoot, and, in a Ferrari, well that level of irreverence would make my month. The $70k–$90k estimate seems optimistic to me, but that could be me holding out hope it won’t go that high and my wife will agree with bidder’s registration.

The other lot that has my cursor hovering over the Bid Now button is a 1992 Mazda RX-7 ɛ̃fini Type R. This is not the same kind of RX-7 that dotted high-school parking lots over the last 20 years. No, Mazda had a luxury brand in Japan from 1991–97 and upgraded the third-generation RX-7 to luxury status there at the time.

We never got them here, officially at least. The most recent sale of the same type I found was on Bring a Trailer from March 20, 2020, where a 39k-mile ɛ̃fini RX-7 Type R sold for $23,250. While it appears in very good condition, the mileage and some optional modifications (wheels, seat, steering wheel) probably held back the fervent buyers of JDM.

The RM estimate sits at $55k–$70k, with bidding already halfway to the bottom end a day after bidding started. Given the mileage (9,154 km/5,688 miles) and that it’s described as “a highly original, right-hand drive JDM example; retains its original tires,” I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if we’re looking at a new record RX-7 price when this is all wrapped up.

Keep reading right here for the latest auction updates. Stay safe and keep washing those hands.