I was really looking forward to Gooding & Company’s Passion of a Lifetime sale at the Somerset House in London, U.K. It was due to hammer tomorrow, April 1 in London.

That would have been the first international sale that Gooding took on during my time here at SCM. It’s hopeful to see companies stretch out to mark new ground and see how the sale ends up.

Like so many other events inside and out of our little corner of the world, the sale was postponed indefinitely. Stay tuned right here  — we’ll let you know first when Gooding releases the new date.

There are fewer event cancellations this week, as folks already did most of their canceling and postponing during the last two weeks.

We now have a nearly empty auction calendar for April and May.

Still, it could be during the month of flowers that we get to attend a live auction again.

Mecum is still promoting their Spring Classic in Indianapolis for May 12–17. Last Friday, they sent out a press release announcing the consignment of a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4, s/n 10717, as a main attraction for their premiere sale.

For the next little while, however, we’ll need to make use of Internet auctions and any small, local sales to satisfy our auction needs. Sure, there’s still classifieds and the like — if you absolutely need to sell or buy a car right now.

As the stay-at-home days start blurring a few weeks in, maintain or cultivate that hope and we’ll be standing next to a line of million-dollar Ferraris, rubbing elbows instead of coughing into them.

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