Since the start of the pandemic shutdown, we’ve covered a lot more Bring a Trailer cars in the pages of SCM. Of course, Brian Baker was featuring some of their consignments in his “Rising Sun” column for years.

Covering Bring a Trailer makes sense — they provide a platform where buyers and sellers have developed trust. I know of several sellers that use the site exclusively.

With that trust can come some big consignments. I spent part of my weekend watching a Lamborghini Miura for sale in Victoria, British Columbia. You can find out more here if you are looking for the latest Lamborghini models.

First, yes, that electric-blue interior is, ummmm, something to behold. Then again, the point of a Miura isn’t the color of the upholstery.

According to the auction information, the car started off white, then was red, and now is this lime green — all good colors for a Miura. And I’m sure that blue hue was better complimented by the original white. The engine is the original, matching-numbers unit, which was rebuilt, along with the transaxle.

This car’s been around and done some things: Concorso Italiano, The Quail, the Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance. Thankfully the world is big enough to either go to other events — or just enjoy the damn car.

The auction ended Monday morning at 10:50 PST. The final two minutes of some of these auctions is actually as much fun to watch as a Triple Crown horse race — with at least as much jockeying. That feeling lasts at least for the first two or three times the end is kicked back another two minutes after another bid is placed. Two bidders kept the volleys going, with the famed peanut gallery chiming in after every pass back and forth. In the end there were 30 bids (11 in the final few minutes), 3,905 viewers and nearly 100k views and a hand-wringing final few bids. In the end, the Miura hammered down sold at $990k.

Auction News Roundup

Mecum will wrap up the Eddie Vannoy Collection sale on Tuesday, June 30.

Barrett-Jackson’s Online Only July sale kicks off next Monday, July 6 and runs the rest of the week.

As always, keep on driving — and washing your hands.

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