April 2016 Cover Poll

Our Art Director, David Tomaro, has created three possible cover concepts, and we’d like to know which one is your favorite. It should all take less than a minute, and your answers help determine the content of our magazine. Voting ends Saturday, February 13, at Midnight PST. If you have any additional thoughts about SCM, regarding either the print magazine or our electronic newsletter, please post them in the comments section below.

Artcurial sold a 1957 Ferrari 335S for $35m, making it along with the 1963 GTO at $38m one of the two most expensive cars ever sold at auction. Which would you rather have in your garage?
Sales in Scottsdale were down, yet sales in Paris were up. Which do you think reflects the way the market is going?
Which car is most likely to come down in price in the next year?
Vote for your favorite cover:


  1. I have voted for the cover religiously for years. Not once have I got the cover right. Not once. Proud to continue my streak.

    Oh yeah, sold my Testarossa in late 2014.

    Well at least I kept my oil stocks.

  2. I had to vote for the Z8. In 2001, I went to the BMW dealership to buy my wife an X5 SUV – I came home with a Z8. She asked,”did you get my car?” I said, “I got a car.” She asked,”how many seats?” I said,” two.” Awkward !!!

  3. I thought that Ron Pratt absence affected overall drop. He was always good for 5-10m. I thought that the pricing of retro mod and total custom vehicles shot up enormously over previous years. I think that’s where the drop will be. To much “I can spend rediculously ” money will bring pricing down. Seemed to be a different vehicle mix,at least watching on TV, than in previous years. Personally I think the Gooding, RM,etc will continue to rise while conventional American muscle will decline.

  4. In my opinion, the market on all Countach’s has exploded at a rate too excessive to be supported by the consumers. Those owners who have not yet sold their Countach’s may find that they will not get the same high return when compared to the last 18 months.

  5. I believe the American auction was down because of the weak Canadian dollar.less Canadian purchasers this year than in previous sales.

  6. This idea that Arizona was down in a worrisome way is over inflated. The Pratt Collection pumped up B-J last year artifically making this year being down look worse, it is not a huge trend. Unless the press makes it into a self fulfilling prophecy. (And, I am the last one to want to defend B-J.)

  7. covers #1 and #3 are cropping off the front and rears of the featured cars, so #2 is the obvious choice:)


  9. The latest entry to he pretty big-buck collector cars that you actually want to drive, the most beautiful car in the last 20 years and the most beautiful BMW ever

  10. I voted for the Alfa (no, not because we are both 1955 models), but could have easily gone with the stunning Z8. Years ago I had a salesman at a BMW dealer in Scottsdale recount the awe he felt as no less than Bob Bondurant and his wife took a couple of Z8’s out for a test drive. I passed on an X5 that visit
    but never forgot the Z8.

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