December 2016 Cover Poll

Our Art Director, David Tomaro, has created three possible cover concepts, and we’d like to know which one is your favorite. It should all take less than a minute, and your answers help determine the content of our magazine. Voting ends Saturday, October 15, at Midnight PST. If you have any additional thoughts about SCM, regarding either the print magazine or our electronic newsletter, please post them in the comments section below.

Vote for your favorite cover:


  1. The NSX shot is a better photo / art, and I believe represents the future of our hobby the best. Would’ve bought one of these but size 14EE feet aren’t compatible with the cars pedal box…… Damn

  2. Time to include some of the lesser known high performance cars of he 60’s. When I was a college student I remember reading about Iso Grifo and its battle with XKE’s and Cobra’s of its day.

  3. The magazine continues to get better and better, unsure how you do it. Thanks for giving me a window into this wonderful world, and for publishing reliable no-holds-barred information and assessments without throwing unnecessary garbage into the mix. SCM is straightforward reporting.

  4. Re: Iso Grifo. Barn finds are a sustaining fad; don’t know why.
    Has anyone seen a resale on these undriveable, uneconomic to restore, middling cars? The Porsche roadster has far greater appeal to the sports racing purist, even without it’s undoubtedly “cool” connection to James Dean.

    1. One does not restore barn-finds, the idea is to leave them alone as they were found and enjoy them for what they are. There are plenty of hacked up so-called restored cars that are junk…not even close to what they were. On the other extreme there are plenty of over-restored cars as well. The best cars are original-unrestored survivor drivers, that should be the quest.

  5. 1967 Iso Grifo GL Series I, The 2005 Acura NSX, are great cars but my favorite is The1955 Porsche Type 550/1500RS Spyder the James Dean Car, which is my choice for the cover. I did own the 1991 NSX and it was terrific. These are all amazing cars.

  6. None of these are very inspiring. All three from last month’s poll would be a whole lot better!!

  7. The traditionalists will say the NSX lacks soul, the product of the “toyotaization” (yes, I know it’s made by Honda) of sports cars.
    But it’s a car that speaks to the future of the hobby.

  8. I love the Porsche’s simple beauty, and the Iso is always a great car no matter the condition. But I actually went with the NSX because to me it is the biggest news as far as collectibles go. Its design is holding up well and will continue to appeal to younger enthusiasts.

  9. I wouldn’t use the Grifo shot simply because it’s a press handout that’s been seen everywhere. The 550 shot maybe the same, but don’t think I’ve seen this angle before. Though I voted for the Porsche just for its sheer coolness and rarity, I’m with the several correspondents who point out that the NSX is the future – and you get to run the cliched old headline ‘The best Ferrari never made’

  10. The barn find will have such a cool story and is refreshing from the pristine cars we see all the time.

  11. Yeh, #3 is the prettiest shot, and #2 is of one of my favorite cars, but I think #1 is the most significant. The rear 3/4 isn’t bad, either.

  12. Just yesterday I spotted a red NSX in a local commuter “park n ride”. Not yet a collectable for everyone.

  13. I Choose Cover #1 for the December 2016 issue of SCM. To hear about an Iso Grifo as barn find is incredible and I am interested in reading more about it. A beautiful car and I remember when in the 1970’s they were selling for about $10,000.00. A true work of art and and beautiful as well. Winston Goodfellow wrote an excellent book on the marque and it so incredible to the story and how they disappeared. Cover #2 would have been my next choice as a vintage racing Porsche is also interesting. I hope more will be written on the ISO Marque and the very last Grifo with the FOMOCO Engine and the Baldwin Motion Grifo?

  14. Keith ,
    You can do better then this !… these are tooooo
    Vanila !….and the background is standard corn flakes variety .
    Not to mention , is the type 550 ” real “??

  15. I love the Iso and voted for it, but I have to think that from a magazine sales viewpoint, none of these are covers that would make me take it off the rack at Barnes and Nobel and look at it. Maybe use a photo of the entire car and not just the hind-end?

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