December 2017 Cover Poll: Cast Your Vote Now!

Our Art Director, David Tomaro, has created three possible cover concepts, and we’d like to know which one is your favorite. It should all take less than a minute, and your answers help determine the content of our magazine. Voting ends October 10, at Midnight PST. If you have any additional thoughts about SCM, regarding either the print magazine or our electronic newsletter, please post them in the comments section below.

How many formal concours to you go to a year?
How many cars and coffees do you go to a year?
How many car club meetings do you go to a year?
How many rallies and tours do you go on a year (including one-day events)?
Are you a subscriber to SCM?
Have you purchased a copy of SCM on the newsstand during the past 12 months?
Vote for your favorite cover:

  • 1) 1933 Duesenberg Model SJ “Sweep Panel” Phaeton by LaGrande

  • 2) 1955 Bentley R-type Continental fastback

  • 3) 2016 Ferrari 488 GTE


    1. Loved the comments and reviews in October addition covering VanDerBrink auction by Darren Kloes!! Miss that kind of witty pithy banter that was more prevalent in past reviews.

  1. Great to see you in Atlanta at the Concours. I won the Panoz class! Small group but I’ll take it. Had nice drive back to Monterey. The two best of show winners were stunning!!!!

  2. Wow, who wants to look at the best looking American car of the 30s or the best looking British car of the 50s when you can look at a brand new red Ferrari…zzzzzz

    1. At the risk of sounding harsh, I’d say that to us in So Cal. that a red Ferrari is an everyday occurrence but seeing a 1931 Duesenberg SJ or 1955 Bentley R is a real treat.

  3. The Bentley R-type Continental fastback is probably the most interesting car of the three, but the photo is just dull. The grill-on view hides the car’s shape, while the pale-colored car is just lost against a pale background.

  4. I agree. The straight on photos don’t do a car justice. I want to see the body lines and contours.

  5. In my own experience, Ferrari and its peeps are taking over the world! 😉
    P.S. I voted for #1. Never be too many Duesenbergs.

  6. I am experiencing Ferrari-fatigue, the collector car for the 1% of the car collecting world.

  7. I select cover 1 as I don’t recall seeing an exotic Prewar American Car being profiled and appearing on the cover of SCM. The Duesenberg Model SJ is as beautiful today as the day it went onto the market. I think the Duesenberg is the American Rolls Royce as the designs that appeared on their chasis’s are beautiful in sedans, coupes, convertible, convertible sedans, and limosuines. The supercharge SJ’s are incredible and I would love to know the story behind it and who was it built for? The Bentley Continential R is beautiful but the Duesenberg is in a class of its own. The Ferrari is nice but it seems the design is getting long in the tooth and it seems the bloom is going off of the rose. I would like to thank Mr. Martin and the staff for using my quote in the issue covering the Aston Martin DB5. Seeing it knocked me out. Many Thanks and I love your magazines.

  8. A 3/4 side view of the Bentley and Duesenberg would have been much more attractive and revealing IMO

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