June 2017 Cover Poll

Our Art Director, David Tomaro, has created three possible cover concepts, and we’d like to know which one is your favorite. It should all take less than a minute, and your answers help determine the content of our magazine. Voting ends Thursday, April 13, at Midnight PST. If you have any additional thoughts about SCM, regarding either the print magazine or our electronic newsletter, please post them in the comments section below.

Which is your favorite type of car event to attend?
How important is it to you to drive your collector car?
How much do you count on auction catalog descriptions when you are considering a car
Vote for your favorite cover:

  • 1995 Ferrari F50

  • 1961 Jaguar E-type Series I


  1. XKE is the car of the centaury (20th Centaury) and is the quintessential British sports car!

  2. As a mag publisher, you are looking for people to “grock” and pick up a magazine in two seconds. The Jag wins hands down technically and sexually speaking! And then of course its Austin Powers shaggin wagon! Enjoy

  3. I bought my 66 E-type as a used car, best $950 I ever spent, and happy I kept it all these years. Even if it was an M, I wouldn’t compare my BMW to it. If speed were beauty the F50 would win.

  4. No contest….of course the E-type!!! Almost always in the top 5 or 10 of the most beautiful cars ever made not to mention what a game changer it was in 1961 able to achieve close to 150 mph, 4 wheel disc brakes, independent rear suspension and had more charisma than a Ferrari. I use to open my door to the garage just to look at it and smile.

  5. love the e-type , had oe, but prefer coupe for looks ergo chose F-50 for performance AND looks!

  6. I’ve been an E-Type owner for over 45 years. I saw my first one in a magazine when I was 10. Couldn’t believe they were going to put it in production. It has lived up to my highest expectations.

  7. Get your Dallas Leake auction catalog. Cars number: 404, 456,484.492, and 499. Number 404 has such a massive short in the electrical system that keeping it on a charger will still cause the battery to flat. Documents available. Please contact me about me about correcting the assumptions that Prescott Kelly made concerning 356 open cars. See our web site ALLZIM.COM al 817*267*4451

  8. The magazine’s appeal is predicated primarily on cars like the E-Type and similarly outstanding classic vehicles.

  9. Usually you guys make a good game out of this, but the E-Type versus these two also-rans is no contest at all.

  10. I’ll never forget the first time I saw the E Type as a kid. It is seared into my aesthetic forever.

  11. The Jaguar E-type cover has a symmetry to it, which enhances a wonderful photo of one the best-looking sports cars; to ever come out of England. The E-type, especially the early models, are the epitome of that saying, “They don’t make them like that anymore” for better (think mechanical) or worse (think electrical).

  12. As a photographer the Jag hands down. It’s hard to beat that angle. Two others have no imagination where they could be fabulous. Just saying.

  13. Walking down Highland Street in Worcester MA in 1962 and there was a pale blue XKE coupe. This 17 year old walked around it for a long time until the owner appeared and drove away.with the noise only an E makes.

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