March 2018 Cover Poll: Cast Your Vote Now!

Our Art Director, David Tomaro, has created three possible cover concepts, and we’d like to know which one is your favorite. It should all take less than a minute, and your answers help determine the content of our magazine. Voting ends January 11, at Midnight PST. If you have any additional thoughts about SCM, regarding either the print magazine or our electronic newsletter, please post them in the comments section below.

The 30th anniversary cover of SCM used original artwork, as we did years ago. In the future, which would you prefer?
Are you familiar with the new wave of motorsports parks that are opening around the world?
How interested would you be on a special section that focused on them, giving you their features and benefits?
Are you a subscriber to SCM?
Have you purchased a copy of SCM on the newsstand during the past 12 months?
Vote for your favorite cover:

  • 1) 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder Competizione

  • 2) 1952 Jaguar C-type

  • 3) 2018 Bugatti Chiron


  1. Wow! This is the best set of covers in awhile. Usually one jumps out as far better than the rest. Not as much this month. They are all good!
    So since you asked the question about original art vs photos why not have a vote between original art and photo of same car for one of your covers?

  2. If you are considering a 2018 Bugatti Chiron (new car) why not also consider a 2018 110 Alpine Renault in future?

    1. Good luck on that! I think the covers skew towards Ferraris and the inside content, or at least the inside auction commentary skews toward British cars.
      Although after saying that, I guess they tip their hat occasionally to French cars with the Bugatti pics.

  3. I’ve been restoring and collecting Classic Jaguars, and British Motorcycles, for years so my vote for the cover car is the Jaguar C-type. I look forward to your magazine including the articles related to collecting and investing in classic cars, and of course the auction results. One thing I do miss is the article you use to include in each issue on a Classic Motorcycle.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Very few cars say “sports car” in the truest sense of the word than the C-type. An extremely worthy cover car for an extremely worthy sports car magazine.

  5. New motorsport parks are interesting, but from what I’ve seen so far, designed for the 7 figure “track car” set. Have not seen one particularly financially feasible yet.

    1. I agree, but I had an idea. Some accept corporate membership/ownership. How about getting a group of us more……..middle class enthusiasts together to form a corporation for the sole purpose of “investing” in these tracks? Would that work?

  6. Even though I’m not voting for the Ferrari, it’s the car my dear friend, Bob Grossman, bought from Enzo in Modena, drove to Le Mans and finished 5th overall in his first of nine races there – a feat utterly incomprehensible in today’s $$$-dominated environment. I recall John Fitch was his co-driver in that 1959 event, and long after his last Le Mans with ‘Coco’ Chinetti in 1973 in a 365GTB/4 and his untimely passing a few years ago, cars such as the California Spyder started to sprout lots of commas and zeros in determining ‘fair market value’ !

  7. That was easy, a C-Type in a good color in a good setting vs. yet another picture of #16 or any modern Bugatti.

  8. At first glance, this cover poll is a tough choice….but, the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder LWB model is a clear winner. All are iconic examples of the best and most desirable sports cars in the world, but the Ferrari will inspire more reaches at the news stand!

  9. Excellent publication and blog. Completely in tune with myself. I also enjoy What’s my car worth – Keith is right on the money. Unfortunately current show sidekick, Josh Nassar is totally blinded by any kind bling and drags the show into the realm of many of the pimp my car type shows mentality shows.

  10. I have to vote for the XK120C. Back when I was a kid in the early 50’s, that’s the car that absolutely gobsmacked me with its purity and beauty.

  11. The Ferrari and Jaguar are fantastic cover cars. I used to collect Ferraris so that would be my pick of a car.I just feel that the Jag and Ferrari look like the last few covers of SCM. Please have more auction results and well as legal files.

  12. I have not subscribed to your magazine in many years, but I always pick up a copy when I see your stands in Monterey.
    I read your weekly email and enjoy voting for the monthly covers.

  13. Stay just as sweet as you are etc. From one deeply conservative and completely satisfied consumer. RHE UK

  14. Motorsports Parks have been reviewed by other publications, like Vintage Motor Sports, and Sports Car Market should probably not spend time on something already done.

  15. One of my favorite cars is the Jaguar C-Type. Since I couldn’t afford a real one, I purchased a Proteus replica.

  16. The composition of #16 is graphic design at its best with car built for speed. The shot of the C type is a postcard. Yet I own two S1 E types!

  17. Why not provide drivetrain details (engine size, transmission) for all cars and not just post war American cars? The auction analysts record that information in their reports already (I do, anyway). For instance there’s a huge difference in values between auto transmission and stick and more often than not it’s not mentioned.

  18. I was a subscriber for many years and loved SCM ,but it became too elitist.I have a 7 figure collection,daily drive a Bentley Gt or Range Rover ,in the summer-360 spider 6 speed or 4 speed 65 Vette ,so not exactly a whiney “have not “.
    I just found your coverage of mega value cars,and Sotheby’s type auctions nauseating.Auction results from smaller more pedestrian venues are way more interesting.Your Import bias is not my favourite either.But,that’s just me.

  19. As an investor in one of the new Motorsports Parks (Club Motorsports, Tamworth, NH) I would like to see some regular coverage of individual tracks or a comprehensive article on them. They represent the future of amateur motorsports in my estimation.

  20. All three covers are icons, but the Jaguar is being driven, which our cars should be. Besides, those curves ….!!!

  21. All three cars for the March Issue are beautiful. I would like to see cover number 3 selected as the Bugatti is a work of art and its mechanics are so unique with the number of cylinders and the use of Multiple Turbochargers is incredible. The Ferrari and Jaguar are beautiful but the Bugatti is knockout in its looks.I love this magazine each issue is awesome.

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