May 2014 Cover Poll Results Are In

Your favorite cover choice by a significant margin was Cover #1, the 1955 Ferrari 750 Monza Spyder, with 49% of votes. Cover #2, the 1955 MG TF 1500 roadster earned 30% of votes, and Cover #3, the 1969 Mazda Cosmo L10B coupe earned 21%. Now watch your mailbox to see which cover Art Director Dave Tomaro picked.

We also asked you a few other questions.

27% of you are planning to attend the Monterey auctions in August, and 11% of you are planning to buy or sell a car there.

We gave you a choice of four dream cars and asked, if you could have just one car in your garage, which would it be?

35% of you picked a Mercedes-Benz Gullwing.

25% picked a Ferrari Daytona.

24% picked a 289 Shelby Cobra.

27% picked a McLaren F1.

Tony Piff

Tony Piff - SCM Auctions Editor and Photographer - %%page%%

Tony has long trumpeted the virtues of collecting Japanese cars. His daily driver is a 1970 Toyota Hilux — the one with the turn signals on top of the fenders. His popular “Rising Sun” column keeps a pulse on the J-tin market.

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