Christmas is less than 10 days away, and if you’re still shopping for those car people on your list, ACC is here to help. Stop thinking about sweaters, socks, and long underwear. Instead, get your special people stuff they can really use:

1. WeatherTech floor mats.

Everyone has a daily driver, and that daily driver gets used in all weather conditions — rain, snow, mud, etc. Whatever is on your shoes ends up in your car, mashed into the carpet. Bet you’re tired of cleaning it, too. You should click here if you need a guide to using the vax carpet cleaner.

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WeatherTech’s laser-measured FloorLiner DigitalFit rubber floor mats fit better than anything you can get from the OEMs, and they’re designed to capture that mud and water before it can make its way into the carpet. No more side-eyeing friends’ muddy shoes or Saturdays spent vacuuming pine needles out of loop-pile carpet. I’m getting my dad a set for his new 2015 Silverado. Don’t tell him.

Price: $100 and up.

2. UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker.

Car people like to drive their old cars, and they also like music. But talk radio on the AM old dial doesn’t make for good listening in a vintage Mustang. So, rather than rip out the original radio in favor of something modern — which won’t look right — get a UE Boom 2 for the back seat.

The Boom 2 works wirelessly with a smartphone via Bluetooth connection, and the sound is fantastic — loud and full enough to drown out the glasspacks in my ’72 Chevy truck. Added bonus: it also does hands-free calling and will speak directions from Apple’s Maps app. Think of it as a missing link to bring old-car entertainment into the modern world — without having to do anything to the old car.

Price: $199.99.

3. Cyntur JumperPack mini.

This lithium-ion battery with jumper cables will fit inside a glovebox, yet packs enough juice to spin over even a dead high-compression big-block. (Yes, I’ve tried it). It’ll also charge cell phones and has a flashlight. Never worry about leaving the lights on again.

Price: $99.99.

4. BlueDriver OBDII scanner.

When my Charger SRT8 ate its cam sensor, this is what I used to track down the problem. Using the BlueDriver smart-phone app, the scanner reads and clears OBDII trouble codes, can display live data from your car’s engine, and can generate repair reports to help track down and solve problems, all with no wires and no hassle. Great for the glovebox.

Price: $99.95. /

5. ACC!

If your car-people friends don’t already get ACC, it’s time for them to stop borrowing yours!

Price: $29.95.

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