September 22, 2016


Stunning little car. Started life 1965 in Cordoba, Argentina at Fiat Someca Concord S.A. as a late Fiat 600D body. As it was not road-registered before 1973, it must have been used for racing only using an Abarth conversion kit. Found in corrosion-free condition in late ’90s in the country side of Argentina. 2002-04 was professionally rebuilt in Buenos Aires to correct 1965 Abarth 1000 TC specification using Abarth upgrade kit, including important engine elements;  large split sump, twin choke carburetor, up to the Abarth dynamo: water pump belt drive, exhaust and all correct Abarth badging. Engine rebuilt again in 2012 with new pistons and modern bearings to Swiss-quality specification. With its racing cam, it’s capable to turn easy up to 9000 rpm, and cooled by a large, front-mounted radiator. Fiat radiator in back keeps the engine cool in heavy traffic via electric fan and thermostat. Front disc brakes and the suspension has Abarth specification springs and dampers, Argentine-Campagnolo 5-1/2 inch alloy wheels are fitted. Beautifully finished red and white interior, with Abarth instruments, steering wheel and  full race cage. The whole car is FIA compliant. Great fun to drive, incredible condition.

Price$60,000 or best offer
Exterior Colorwhite
Interior Colorred & white
EngineI4 (inline 4)

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