Oct 23, 2002
Reviewed By Bengt Halvorson
Price as Tested $32,860

Eager VTEC engine shrieks to nearly 9000 rpm and feels like it’s borrowed from a sportbike; six-speed transmission clicks neatly from gear to gear; stiff body with almost no cowl shake; stable, crisp kart-like handling; F1-style gauges easy to read at a glance.


Cockpit cramped for anyone above six feet tall; interior rattles unusual for Honda; seats lack support; very little storage space; engine feels flat below 3500 rpm.


The S2000 doesn’t have the valet-parking status of its German competition, but it gives more spine-tingling sports-car sensations from behind the wheel. At more than $10,000 less than a Boxster, it’s a lot of car for the money, if you don’t mind the bland styling and having Accord and Civic owners giving you thumbs up.

Fun to Drive
5.0 rating
Fun to Look at
3.0 rating
Overall Experience
4.0 rating