Nov 23, 2002
Reviewed By Bengt Halvorson
Price as Tested $52,510

Good visibility; decent acceleration from 6-liter V8; easy-to-engage low range and differential lock; serious off-road ability if you need it; can tow 7,000 lbs.; seats fold down easily for larger cargo.


Comes across as a plasticky knock-off of the H1; not as roomy as expected inside; horrendous gas mileage; all-terrain tires render braking and handling marginal on highways; difficult to park in normal car spaces; wide enough that you have to constantly worry about sideswipes on urban streets.


Part serious truck, part what the focus-group people said would appeal to upscale “paramilitary chic” soccer moms. The on-road driving experience is best described as a novelty that grows old fast. The H2’s size and mass makes it especially cumbersome, and its width means you might not even be able to fit on your favorite off-road trail. In urban traffic, you’ll feel half road warrior and half barge captain. Oh, and factor in plenty of rude glances from those who deem this vehicle the new eco-enemy. Get the idea?

Fun to Drive
1.0 rating
Fun to Look at
5.0 rating
Overall Experience
2.0 rating