Jun 23, 2003
Reviewed By Dave Brownell
Price as Tested $74,658

Fortress-like solidity; great visibility forward; easy-to-read instrument cluster; firm, posh leather seats; 5-liter V8 provides lots of grunt; swift, sure braking; ignores the weather; 7,000-lb towing capacity; independent, electronically controlled locking diffs.


Neo-’48 Willys wagon styling; entry/exit awkward due to great height from ground; lousy rearward vision; illogical rear wiper placement; aerodynamics of a large building; enormously thirsty—and premium required; no fun to park; likely to attract the wrath of eco-crazies.


If you want to one-up your neighbors with their Hummers and Range Rovers, this is a vehicle to consider. But to select this moose as an everyday vehicle borders on folly and provides more high-velocity ammo for those who would rule SUVs off the road. If this version doesn’t satisfy your AWD/SUV/off-road longings, Daimler-Chrysler would be pleased to sell you an AMG version with even higher performance and lousier fuel mileage. It stickers for about $92,000.

Fun to Drive
2.0 rating
Fun to Look at
1.0 rating
Overall Experience
1.0 rating