Sep 23, 2004
Reviewed By Bengt Halvorson
Price as Tested $81,195

V8’s performance and sound; firm but comfortable ride; amazing seats; excellent wind buffeting—top-down still tolerable at 70 mph; roomy trunk; parking assist helps prevent curb rash; almost hardtop-quiet with the top up.


Ridiculous back seats only make sense for mounting child seats; simplified iDrive still complicates routine tasks; dash on test car creaked loudly on rough roads; updated version of the Bangle Butt caps off 4,189 pounds of hulking weight.


The SL-fighting 6-Series lacks the sex appeal and edgier manner of BMW’s now-discontinued Z8 roadster, but it’s a comfortable grand tourer. With such go-fast capability and hard-to-fluster handling, though, it’s an exercise in discipline to slow down and cruise. While BMW will no doubt sell every one they can build, we wonder how long it will be before all the Bimmer die-hards are alienated by a line of cars that is growing bigger and more portly with every new model.

Fun to Drive
4.0 rating
Fun to Look at
3.0 rating
Overall Experience
0.0 rating