Nov 23, 2004
Reviewed By Dave Brownell
Price as Tested $43,225

Wail of supercharger as boost and revs climb; endless power and torque; well-spaced gear ratios in six-speed manual box; taut chassis rigidity (especially when considering this platform is 25 years old); leech-like grip from Goodyear Eagle F1s.


Thirsty for premium fuel even if you’re not burying the throttle; highly sprung shifter can lead to the wrong gear on quick shifts; heavy “old muscle car” feel to clutch; mediocre visibility with top up; apparently Ford still has some of that multi-hued paint left from 1996.


With a supercharged 390 horsepower V8, this final Fox-platform-based Mustang Cobra offers hair-raising acceleration in intermediate gears and begs you to break all sorts of traffic laws. But your biggest fear might be getting stopped by the fashion police—the optional $3,650 MystiChrome paint and interior treatment changes hue from green to blue to purple to black, but looks awful no matter which shade is showing.

Fun to Drive
4.0 rating
Fun to Look at
2.0 rating
Overall Experience
3.0 rating