Jul 23, 2004
Reviewed By Keith Martin
Price as Tested $90,985

469-hp, supercharged V8 makes car into a rocketship. Paddle-shifter terrific in execution. Fantastic sounds under full throttle. Elegant performance look with AMG wheels. Brilliant interior, huge trunk. Adaptive cruise works well. Dual sunroofs flood interior with light.


Navigation system that can’t find its way out of its own garage, or back to it either. Cupholders that would be unacceptable in a Honda Accord.


With the E55, Mercedes has just about got everything completely right in a full-sized sedan. When you want the car docile, it behaves like a standard E320. When you want it to hustle, Porsches and Ferraris beware. Even at this near-six-figure price, a bargain for what it offers.

Fun to Drive
5.0 rating
Fun to Look at
4.0 rating
Overall Experience
5.0 rating