Jan 23, 2005
Reviewed By Jeff Sabatini
Price as Tested $33,495

Great power; good handling for its appreciable size; simple but attractive interior; real backseat; seems to be well put together; despite its Australian origins, has real American feel.


Lackluster styling leads to “Is that a 1995 Monte Carlo you’re driving?” questions; price is steep compared to others that offer similar performance: Ford Mustang, Mitsubishi EVO, Nissan 350Z, Mazda RX-8, etc.


If only you didn’t have to get out from behind the wheel of the GTO and actually look at the thing. The good news is that Pontiac has tried to remedy the boring styling with hood scoops and a revised rear fascia with dual exhaust for ’05. Plus the 400-hp LS2 V8 from the C6 Corvette will be fitted as standard—and those 50 extra ponies should widen the performance gap with the competition enough to make the GTO’s sticker seem more reasonable.

Fun to Drive
4.0 rating
Fun to Look at
2.0 rating
Overall Experience
3.0 rating