May 22, 2005
Reviewed By Jeff Sabatini
Price as Tested $59,985

More torque than you’ll ever be able to use; Z51 performance suspension is stiff when it needs to be, yet still complaint over rough pavement; interior roomy enough for six-footers; 400-hp Chevy small-block V8 is among the most impressive performance engines ever, yet rated at 28 mpg highway


Cheap interior; first-to-fourth skip shift in manual-trans cars; lots of wind buffeting at speed; restyled front end features mouth gaping even wider than Daimler SP250


You can’t buy more performance for the money, but that’s the entire story here. The C6 Corvette is just the C5 rehashed with the unwanted influence of its platform-mate Cadillac XLR. So instead of getting some cool new kit like an F1-style transmission, the Corvette is now sporting electronic door handles and an optional navigation system. The good news is that the resale market for C5s should hit freefall by the time you read this, making putting one in your driveway a no brainer.

Fun to Drive
5.0 rating
Fun to Look at
3.0 rating
Overall Experience
3.0 rating