Mar 22, 2005
Reviewed By Bengt Halvorson
Price as Tested $41,995

Very precise, stable handling for such a tall, heavy vehicle; excellent brakes; comfy bolstered front seats; simple, straightforward controls and displays forego the screen-driven gimmickry of some competitors; mountain-goat-like off-road ability; solid-feeling and well built.


Engine works hard to bring all 4,800 lb up to speed, and aggressive throttle tip-in tries to compensate; bad-boy exhaust note on power embarrassing given lackluster nine-second-plus 0-60 time; disappointing amount of rear-seat and cargo space.


By now, the world knows the Cayenne V6 is the slowest Porsche since the 924, as most minivans have a better power-to-weight ratio. Perhaps enthusiasts can forgive Porsche for this wanna-be performance ute by realizing that with every Cayenne sold they have more money to develop uber-toys like the Carrera GT.

Fun to Drive
3.0 rating
Fun to Look at
3.0 rating
Overall Experience
3.0 rating