Jan 01, 2008
Reviewed By Stefan Lombard
Price as Tested $34,095

High-revving (9,000 rpm redline) twin rotary makes 232 hp from just 1.3 liters. Impressive, nimble 50/50 handling, even at the threshold. Short, even throws from 6-speed. Quiet ride and good Bose stereo.


Poor rearward visibility, trunk opening accommodates golf clubs but not a cooler, 16-18 mpg observed on the highway, navigation “joystick” is finicky, annoying “lump” in passenger footwell, polarizing looks—fenders reminiscent of new Dodge Durango, goofy rear doors.


I admire Mazda’s pluck with the rotary, as the sound and experience are quite unique, but this car should not have four doors. The previous RX-7 was downright sexy, but the RX-8 can’t decide what it is. Drives like a sports car, looks like a concept.

Fun to Drive
4.0 rating
Fun to Look at
2.0 rating
Overall Experience
3.0 rating