Nov 01, 2008
Reviewed By Paul Duchene
Price as Tested $53,280

Comfortable, fast (0-60 in 6.7 seconds), 381-hp V8 and 6-speed auto reportedly gets better mileage than smaller 4.7-liter/5-speed combo. Great brakes, excellent feel from electronic power steering. Air-bag, multi-link rear suspension combines decent handling with three ride heights. Yawning 120 cubic foot capacity with seats folded. 3rd seat big enough for adults. Posi rear axle and locking central diff legitimate off-road extras. JBL sound system boasts 14 speakers. Navigation system simple. 17 mpg acceptable


Huge overall size – 6,000 pounds, 17 feet long. Controls stretch too far away from driver, low profile tires make no sense for load-carrier. Pushing D-pillar button for power rear gate puts you in the way.


Based on the Tundra pickup, this might be the best big SUV out there, but it’s a working dog – if you can’t justify 13 mpg around town, and need to move fewer than 8 adults, you don’t need it.

Fun to Drive
3.0 rating
Fun to Look at
2.0 rating
Overall Experience
3.0 rating
Horsepower 381hp

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