Oct 01, 2007
Reviewed By Stefan Lombard
Price as Tested $55,525

Feels like you’re really getting more than 230 hp from the 3-liter straight-6, 6-speed manual is crisp and a refreshing change from the ever-more-speeds automatics that are prevalent in this class, multi-adjustable seats are pleasing for big drives and supportive for sporty ones, iDrive gets easier with every turn of the knob.


BMW’s mid-size sedan is hard to fault these days. With cleaner styling and a more efficient iDrive, I really have to wrack my brain to nit-pick, so I won’t.


Had the car been an auto, then I might have complained. But it’s not, and for that it stands out among the Jags, Mercedes, Inifiti, Lexi, and others. Besides, at a $44k base price, this entry-level 5-series seems reasonably priced, something that gets more difficult to say about most German-built cars with each increase in the Euro.

Fun to Drive
4.0 rating
Fun to Look at
4.0 rating
Overall Experience
4.0 rating

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