Aug 01, 2008
Reviewed By Stefan Lombard
Price as Tested $24,795

Attractive styling much more appealing than previous gen. Ease of ingress / egress. Good handling for its size. Adequate cabin space and good visibility. 2.4L, 172-hp hybrid power promises improved fuel economy of 25 mpg to 32 mpg.


Cheapie interior with blah driver’s seat back comfort and marginal elbow padding in center console. Gutless acceleration, from just about any speed. Disappointing 22.1 mpg seen over week of mixed driving.


I like the looks of the new Vue, and I applaud Saturn for turning it green, but there’s work to be done if they hope to match the sophistication of the Ford and Toyota units. The electric motor provides minimal assistance, and though 22 mpg is more than a standard Vue, it’s not enough. What about a small diesel?

Fun to Drive
2.0 rating
Fun to Look at
3.0 rating
Overall Experience
2.0 rating
Horsepower 172hp
EPA Mileage 25-32mpg

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