Mar 05, 2012
Reviewed By Chad Tyson
Price as Tested $27,920

Distinctive styling. Buttons and knobs well labeled and easy to find. $1,700 Premium Package adds navigation, 5-inch touch screen, power sliding glass moonroof, automatic temperature control and on/off headlights. Intuitive all-wheel drive system has no problems adapting to typical Portland winter rain downpours and instantly dry roads outside of the west hills. Nissan’s 2.5-liter 4-cylinder puts out 170-hp, which is plenty to move this crossover in and out of highway traffic.


Xtronic CVT is something to get used to. I prefer something with actual shift points. The shifter’s ball shape wasn’t a pleasant surprise and the touch screen was rudimentary, but I’m nitpicking there. Rear visibility is less than ideal as the interior seems to come to a vanishing point toward the back. Cloth fabric is completely boring when so many other materials are available. No side crash rating available from the NHTSA—not exactly endearing in this safety-obsessed world.


The Rogue is no doubt a competent player in the entry-level crossover market, but better bargains are available. As tested price of $27,920 was stratospheric compared to the lower end spectrum. The base level Rogue is over $6,000 less expensive, but the AWD is very well done and the Premium Package brings a level of modern comfort to the vehicle. The styling is such that you won’t lose it in the mall parking lot, especially if you get one of the more colorful available hues.

Fun to Drive
2.0 rating
Fun to Look at
3.0 rating
Overall Experience
2.5 rating
Horsepower 170-hp
Torque 175 lb-ft
EPA Mileage 22/26

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