Jun 28, 2013
Reviewed By John L. Stein
Price as Tested $45,345: 3.5-liter, 365-horsepower turbocharged V6 with direct injection, 6-speed automatic transmission, shift-on-the-fly 4x4

For cross-country towing trips, I want three primary skills: ample tow capability; interior roominess, comfort and quietness; and good fuel economy. The EcoBoost V6 doesn’t offer the raucous performance of Ford’s Power Stroke diesels, but with 420 lb-ft. of torque it can tow 8,800 lbs., and it accelerates to freeway speeds and up grades without difficulty. The SuperCrew interior is impressively quiet, has comfortable seats, a cavernous 3x5x4-foot rear storage area, and plenty of amenities. And the 14.6-mpg observed fuel economy was at least acceptable.


I was hopeful the EcoBoost V6 would return 20 mpg with our relatively small motorcycle trailer in tow, but it didn’t quite happen. It would also be easy to ding the F-150 for its large size, but trucks can’t be targeted simply for being big – because that’s what getting work done often requires. This leaves my only other gripe as the step-up height to the cab and pickup bed, although Ford has mitigated this somewhat with step-bars and a clever foldout tailgate step.


Owning classic cars, bikes and boats mean you sometimes need a tow vehicle, but the typical 8-10 mpg penance for towing a trailer gets old fast. Enter Ford’s EcoBoost V6. With direct injection and twin-turbocharging, it promises torquey performance together with reasonable thrift. It succeeded in everything except outright fuel economy on our trip to cover the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, CA. Fortunately the seating comfort, interior roominess and quietness are superlative, which made the drive extremely pleasant.

Fun to Drive
3.0 rating
Fun to Look at
3.0 rating
Overall Experience
4.0 rating
Horsepower 365
EPA Mileage 15/21