Jul 15, 2013
Reviewed By Cassie Sellman
Price as Tested $37,920: 278-hp 3.5-liter 24-valve SOHC iVTEC V6, 6-speed automatic with Paddle Shifters

This car was far more functional than I expected. If you have kids or enjoy being outdoors, this car is great. It’s quite spacious throughout, with enough room in the back seat for adults to sit comfortably. The rear hatch area has a surprising amount of space. The AWD allows for comfortable driving down winding country roads. My favorite detail was the hidden storage area under the carpet in the back hatch.  It was the perfect place for dirty shoes from the kids, so no dirt inside of the car. The more I drove this car, the more I liked it.


The exterior took some getting used to. According to my tastes, it could possibly be one of the ugliest cars on the market. With its long front end and angled back end, it feels like two different cars combined. One thing that I just could not get over was the rear window. Honda perfectly placed a support bar between two windows, so when looking in your rear view mirror, you can barely see behind you. If you could turn your rear-view camera on while driving, you might be able to see what is going on behind you.


Despite the fact that I did not want to ride in or even really look at this car, its versatility changed my mind. But it’s expensive. For the price, I’d shop hard to get more car for the same money, or the same car amount of car for less money.

Fun to Drive
3.5 rating
Fun to Look at
3.0 rating
Overall Experience
3.5 rating
EPA Mileage 22/31

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