Jul 29, 2013
Reviewed By Cassie Sellman
Price as Tested $31,600: 2.0-liter 150-hp SOHC 16-valve i-VTEC 4-cylinder, 5-speed auto with Sequential Sportshift, Premium Package, Tech Package

Sporty looks and tight handling make this car fun to drive along backcountry roads.  The car’s position low to the ground makes hugging corners exhilarating. Driven aggressively, it’s a thrill to drive.


Turning the car off does does not unlock all of the doors — a feature included standard by nearly every modern automaker other than Honda and Acura. Always remembering to unlock the doors (or rather, never remembering) is frustrating when unloading children or groceries. For an Acura, I am surprised at the amount of road noise.


At the lowish price of $31,600 the Acura ILX offers a lot of luxury features for the money. Smooth handling, fair fuel economy and lots of options make this one to consider seriously.

Fun to Drive
4.0 rating
Fun to Look at
4.0 rating
Overall Experience
4.0 rating
Horsepower 150
EPA Mileage 24/35

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