Oct 14, 2013
Reviewed By Chad Tyson
Price as Tested $27,820; automatic electric drive unit

Impressive acceleration. But that’s what I expect with 400 lbs/ft of torque. Diminutive size is excellent for city driving.

Sticking with the green/environmentally friendly theme of electric vehicles, Chevy says 85% of the vehicle is recyclable at the end of its useful life. (Hopefully that life goes well beyond the 8-year/100,000-mile warranty.)


Rear visibility isn’t optimal. The interior is cramped. Only the driver gets a center arm rest. And the face is one a mother has to love, because not many other people will.

And then there’s range anxiety. Don’t think you can hop in and go for a Sunday drive. The car’s torque makes winding hills a fun rollercoaster, but the heavy acceleration uses a lot of the battery’s charge. I know using the battery power for fun isn’t the focus of this car, but this can’t be the car for people who want to go out hiking on the weekend, or enjoy that green area outside of city limits.

Chevrolet calls it Electric Blue. It’s not electric blue. It’s sky blue, robin’s egg blue or baby-boy blue.

There aren’t a lot of optional upgrades. There is an $80 pedal cover from the factory and a $225 Black Granite paint choice; otherwise, contact your dealership for optional extras. In fact, the difference between the 1LT and 2LT packages are some interior trim bits and silver accents, costing you $325.


This car excites me about EVs for the masses, not just Elon’s fanboys. It also shows me that we aren’t there yet. Public charging stations, super-charging stations, ensuring enough available electricity for the cars are just some of the massive challenges these cars present to the current way we drive and use cars.

But if you’re ready to jump in and never stop at a gas station again, the Spark EV is the least expensive option currently available (don’t forget about that $7,500 federal tax credit) and offers the highest MPGe among competitors. The fine print there being, as of this writing, only residents of Oregon and California can buy the Spark EV. I hope that changes sometime soon.

Of course there are advantages to running nearly silent, like the possibility of pranks.

Fun to Drive
3.5 rating
Fun to Look at
2.5 rating
Overall Experience
3.5 rating

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