Oct 13, 2013
Reviewed By Tony Piff
Price as Tested $41,420: 250-hp 3.5-L, 24-valve SOHC i-VTEC V6, 5-speed automatic transmission

Refreshingly angular styling in an age of ever-jellybean-tending sheet metal. By appearances, clearly an SUV and not a crossover, and the handling bears this out. Powerful, stable, feels capable of climbing right up a steep logging road. Nice interior is spacious, but the armrests are close in, right where they should be–a detail overlooked by many vehicles I’ve driven this year. Blind-spot monitoring works well.


Uncomfortable seats. Truck-like suspension transmits every flaw in the road–not the luxurious ride I expected. Surprisingly noisy cabin at freeway speeds. Poor rearward visibility, big blind spots, difficult to navigate in confined urban settings, gas-hog–but those are the standard criticisms that apply to the entire SUV genre, really. Maddening automatic door locks never get it right. Keyed entry on a $41k car in 2014?!


Honda’s take on the modern SUV is honest and appealing. It’s safe, rugged and capable, sacrificing pretty much nothing. If you care about fuel economy or an easy, smooth ride, you’d be shopping for a sedan, station wagon or crossover, right? I give the Pilot credit for embracing its identity.

Fun to Drive
2.5 rating
Fun to Look at
4.0 rating
Overall Experience
3.5 rating
EPA Mileage 17/24

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